Catholic Voting: Reality Check

If you are entirely comfortable with your choice today in the presidential election, then you are different from me. Possibly:

  • You are far smarter and more politically savvy
  • You have access to different information
  • You know less about Church teaching
  • You just don’t care

While I am uncomfortable with my choice, I am not unhappy. I have a nagging feeling that this may in fact be the least important presidential election of my life.

Thanks be to God, voting in the presidential election–especially in a very politically united state–is entirely a civic sacrament with no practical implications.

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  1. “While I am uncomfortable with my choice, but I am not unhappy”


    I do think this election may be important when history looks back – there is just so much unrest around the world and the culture seems to become more and more divided on “social” issues by the minute. I just know I’ve been praying for our nation and our world a whole lot more than I ever thought I would.

  2. I love, love, LOVE this. I wish I had the courage to share it. Maybe I just need to take a deep breath and do so…

  3. Well put, my friend. And thanks for the linky-link.

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