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Pursuing Problematic Stereotypes: Dating and Dishonest Gender Roles

This is the second in a set of posts about things that I tell my sisters. It may not make much sense to you if you do not come from the same place as my sisters and I do. What I … Continue reading

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Real Catholic Women’s Questions: Pre-Cana Natural Family Planning Class While On the Pill?

Q: I have to do natural family planning class but I am on the pill… any suggestions for that? A: First of all, congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Marriage preparation can be a stressful time under any circumstance, and it is good … Continue reading

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Wedding Music Drama

Kathleen Basi’s post Confessions of a Wedding Singer reminded me of the typical Catholic quarrels over the music for our wedding. I have heard many a priest moan about weddings and how they dread to see a bride-to-be darken their … Continue reading

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Using NFP While on the Pill: Reality

Searching for my post on taking NFP classes while on the pill? Check here. The post below was written in response to NFP proponents who were suggesting that one should use NFP even if on the pill. It isn’t especially helpful for … Continue reading

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Why I am an NFP cheerleader

The lovely Katarina brought it to my attention that I am an NFP cheerleader. I had to stop and think about her assumption because I have never thought of myself as such. A promoter of NFP? Certainly. After all, I … Continue reading

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