Another Syrian Widow

I reach for the water
But the doubt stops my hand
You must help me, my God
I cannot understand

This thirst is above real
I am parched for the truth
But I no longer hope
It is too hard for youth

It is beyond perfect-
Equally beyond grasp
Perhaps it’s forbidden
By my terrible past

I have never had faith
Or grace of a child’s trust
Now I am my own judge
Forgiveness is not just

This glacier of my heart
Refuses love entrance
Without faith I am lost
I know nothing of chance

What’s the point in waiting
In this unending night
I work for a future
That is beyond my sight

All I crave is a drop
To quench this driving thirst
But I can’t help myself
I must cry for the First

Oh Savior, my Jesus
My Spirit of true life
Rescue me from myself
And my own chosen strife

Crush my resistance now
In your unending flood
End this cry forever
With water turned to blood


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