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The New Evangelization is Doomed (Because of Posts Like This One)

“The New Evangelization” is one of those Catholic terms which has been tossed around just enough that many people are completely confident about their confused understanding of it. I frequently see it used to mean “evangelization through new media.” If … Continue reading

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What I Wore Sunday: That Time of Year

We have now reached that lovely time of the year which really, really needs a new name. Did you know that around here they lump together the seasons from Advent to Easter and call them by one name? Flu season. … Continue reading

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What I Wore Sunday: What I Didn’t Wear Sunday, and Advent Music Fights

Happy Advent, y’all! This picture —> pretty much expresses my confusion with the season. I’m thinking that pretty soon the fine ladies at Fine Linen and Purple are going to have to add some new rules to the What I … Continue reading

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What I Wore Sunday: What I Read Sunday

I rarely wear¬†jewelry, but my sister saw my husband taking a picture of me to link up with Fine Linen and Purple’s What I Wore Sunday and decided that I needed to wear her pearl necklace. Literally, a necklace with … Continue reading

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