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Natural Family Planning: Average Length of Abstinence Required to Avoid Pregnancy

Yet another post about things I tell my sisters… about Natural Family Planning (NFP) and abstinence.  .  .  . This may be difficult for you to believe, but at some point you are likely to encounter people who are even more … Continue reading

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Fertility Awareness: It’s Not Just for Married Women

Every woman who has a fertility cycle should understand it–in all of its gory, glorious details–regardless of her need for family planning. This is a truth that I stumbled upon out of necessity, and it changed my life dramatically. I was … Continue reading

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Using NFP While on the Pill: Reality

Searching for my post on taking NFP classes while on the pill? Check here. The post below was written in response to NFP proponents who were suggesting that one should use NFP even if on the pill. It isn’t especially helpful for … Continue reading

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Why I am an NFP cheerleader

The lovely Katarina brought it to my attention that I am an NFP cheerleader. I had to stop and think about her assumption because I have never thought of myself as such. A promoter of NFP? Certainly. After all, I … Continue reading

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