Shut Up And Pray

Dear Well-Meaning Socially Conservative Catholic Busybody Who Wants To See The World Full Of Catholic Babies;

Stop yelling at people and try talking to God instead.

I know that you see family life as a great good and you don’t want selfish young adults to miss out on it. That is kind of you, though perhaps not entirely Catholic.

Whatever your intentions, the truth is that telling young adults as a group to marry and have children causes tremendous pain and accomplishes no good.

If your apostolate is one of piercing hearts of those suffering with an unfulfilled vocation to marriage or primary infertility, then spew on. Depending on the day, telling faithful young Catholics that their unfulfilled longings are simply modern failings may be a great way to increase their present purgation and prompt entry into heaven.

But if you actually want young adults to marry and have children, then shut up.

No one who needs to be told what to do in this area will hear you.

Those who might possibly be swayed by your lecture are undoubtedly unstable enough that they should not attempt marriage or parenting.

And the faithful young adults who actually listen to you? They need you to shut up and pray instead. Your prophetic bossiness serves only to reinforce the smugness of those with families and the sufferings of those without.

Please just shut up and pray when you feel the need to say something about the evil of young adults without spouses or children.

Many thanks,

A Child of the ’80s



  1. Okay, so how is it that I don’t pay enough attention to see this is where you blog now? Goodness.

    Good post and I agree. ;)

  2. Go girl. You took words out of my mouth and then some.

  3. jasper

    what? you block me from twitter because I think saving the lives of unborn babies is good? You’re not catholic. You’re a heretic of the worst kind.

  4. Wow! We do need more prayer, that’s for sure.

  5. I’m just going to drop a link to an old blog post of mine instead of writing a book here….

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