Where Is God When I Am In Pain?

Where are you when I am in pain? Are you in the pain? Are you inviting me into it, gently coaxing me to find you in the midst of it?

Where are you when I am in pain? Are you beyond the pain, urging me on to move past it to meet you on the other side?

Where are you when I am in pain? Are you in those dearest to me, those who need me, the same ones whom I am not helping today because I cannot even help myself?

How on earth should I live well in pain when I cannot even see where you are?

Prayer ,


  1. Mark S.

    So appropriate right now. I cannot feel his presence but KNOW somehow he is right in the room. Holding me up. Too many times I have had this clear thought. It does not take the pain away though I want it gone and sometimes despair. Yet the despair is rubbed away like a backrub; the pain eventually diminishes and sometimes I am permitted to see the presence. I am passive in this but that seems to be ok. Redemptive suffering sometimes is just bearing it even when hating it. Redemptive suffering is NOT being super human, meaning it is human to want to avoid or stop pain. Redemptive suffering is bearing it when feeling alone and immersed in pain almost oblivious to everything else.

  2. A very desperate, honest, gut-wrenching prayer. The kind that are always heard and answered immediately. You lucky duck.

  3. That is indeed the question. Amen.

  4. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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