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Epilepsy And The Immaculate Conception

While looking for Catholic resources for celebrating National Epilepsy Awareness Month I found “Seizures Among Public Figures: Lessons Learned From the Epilepsy of Pope Pius IX.” It is clear that Pius IX had partial epilepsy resulting from a combination of … Continue reading

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March For All Life

One of the many complaints I have heard about the March for Life is that it is only about abortion, not really about the complete sanctity of life. If you share this concern, then I urge you to join these women … Continue reading

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Pure Religion and All That

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Natural Family Planning: Average Length of Abstinence Required to Avoid Pregnancy

Yet another post about things I tell my sisters… about Natural Family Planning (NFP) and abstinence.  .  .  . This may be difficult for you to believe, but at some point you are likely to encounter people who are even more … Continue reading

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Real Catholic Women’s Questions: Pre-Cana Natural Family Planning Class While On the Pill?

Q: I have to do natural family planning class but I am on the pill… any suggestions for that? A: First of all, congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Marriage preparation can be a stressful time under any circumstance, and it is good … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Make NFP Easy

I have hesitated for a long time to publish this, because in the past I have caused scandal by bluntly stating certain aspects of Church teaching without bothering to dance in the nuance. And then, of course, there is the … Continue reading

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Fertility Awareness: It’s Not Just for Married Women

Every woman who has a fertility cycle should understand it–in all of its gory, glorious details–regardless of her need for family planning. This is a truth that I stumbled upon out of necessity, and it changed my life dramatically. I was … Continue reading

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