On the Blessing of Relationship

I took back my last post “On Avoiding Blessings” because I was unable to be clear. In its place I give you parts of two comments received:

From waywardson:

The best analogy that has made it all make sense for me is that faith is to be a relationship–a friendship. Scrupulosity is the obsessive boyfriend/girlfriend. Lukewarmness is the casual acquaintance. Friendship is different from either of these.

The balance is natural in our interpersonal relationships–well, most of the time. But it’s easy to forget that when talking about faith.

And from Mark S.:

 Like Waywardson, I think that living a truly Christian life has relationship with God and each other at its core. Personal actions such as taking medicine or careful stewardship of your finances so you have a future are responsible and actually praised in scripture.

The real worry in anything has more to do with a person failing to build trusting, loving relationships with God and the people in our lives. If any action leads us toward rejecting or marginalizing another it is probably leading one astray. The converse would hold as well. We are called to follow the Lord together as his pilgrim church; we each walk together bringing what is needed to help our fellow disciples. Some are disabled, some old, wise, strong, mild, delicate, rich, poor. What a crew we are! But God is among us and we have each other. In that context we see how we are his children and siblings to each other.

My needs become an opportunity for your gift. Someone can be strong when I am weak. Many inspire by bravely doing whatever God asks of them, living as celibates, having kids, not having kids, being martyrs, missionaries, contemplatives, working folks who pray.

My job is to continuously be in communion with God and my siblings in Christ. From there I can simply follow my heart sine I know it confirms with his. I pray we all grow deeper in that communion.

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