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On Love and Knowledge

I struggle with Catholics embracing scripture in a way that leads to casually tossing around interpretations and application based in the individual’s emotion without concern for tradition. One day, as I heard Song of Songs yet again impaled on the … Continue reading

Catholic Fights

Shut Up And Pray

Dear Well-Meaning Socially Conservative Catholic Busybody Who Wants To See The World Full Of Catholic Babies; Stop yelling at people and try talking to God instead. I know that you see family life as a great good and you don’t … Continue reading


Language of Confusion

I have heard many argue that inclusive language is not necessary in liturgy because everyone already knows that male-centric language is simply correct, formal language. In contrast, gender-neutral language is thought to be a dehumanizing, depersonalizing approach which harms all … Continue reading

Catholic Fights

Easter is the New Lent

I am, perhaps, one of the more annoying people on Twitter in that I take everything and nothing with utmost seriousness. I realized a long time ago that Twitter was as perilous for my soul as television if I responded … Continue reading

The Soul

Source of Scandal 3: Disrespectful Teens at Mass

Once upon a time I had lots of ideas about how things should be, especially when it came to the behavior of people in Church. Then God helped me mess everything up. Part I, Part II . . . I … Continue reading

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Epilepsy And The Immaculate Conception

While looking for Catholic resources for celebrating National Epilepsy Awareness Month I found “Seizures Among Public Figures: Lessons Learned From the Epilepsy of Pope Pius IX.” It is clear that Pius IX had partial epilepsy resulting from a combination of … Continue reading

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John of Ávila on Strength From Heaven

It seems that I must return to reading the Saints daily. There are so many things that I’ve never known, and yet that mountain can barely be seen because it is blocked by the more immediate pile of truth that … Continue reading


Where Is God When I Am In Pain?

Where are you when I am in pain? Are you in the pain? Are you inviting me into it, gently coaxing me to find you in the midst of it? Where are you when I am in pain? Are you beyond … Continue reading

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Those Who Pray Never Lose Hope

For Rhonda: I know well that the principal service I can render to the Church and to humanity is, precisely, prayer, for in praying I confidently place in the Lord’s hands the ministry that he himself has entrusted to me, … Continue reading

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Cyril, Monk, and Methodius, Bishop

You know the worst part about Ash Wednesday falling on February 13th? It means that February 14th is totally overlooked, and with it, the great Saint Valentine Saints Cyril and Methodius. Pope Leo XIII wrote of Cyril and Methodius that … Continue reading

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