What I Wore Sunday: In Praise of the Full Slip

This is what I wore this Sunday.

But what I would really like to talk about is what I wore underneath it. Okay, I wouldn’t really like to talk about that, but I do think that as a favor to the world I must call your attention to the marvels of the full slip.

Far too often women play with the extremes of either wearing little to nothing under their skirts (the horror!) or else stuffing themselves into sausage casings Spanx. Both choices are rather self-defeating. There is not much point to going out of your way to wear a skirt or dress if you are not going to bother to actually make it look good. And if you are wearing Spanx then you may think that you are feeling all ladylike–and you probably are–but what you are not feeling is truly lovely.

If you think that wearing dresses is a particularly good idea, then you really must appreciate the remarkable virtues of the full slip. They can be quite inexpensive (I got my most recent ones from Ross for $5-$10) and they are worth every penny.

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  1. I haven’t worn a slip since my Confirmation, but I’ll think about trying one on next time, just to see if you’re right. You do look lovely in your dress, which doesn’t necessarily look like it would be forgiving on its own!

    • Rae

      Thanks! The dress itself is actually awesome… which is why I still attempt to wear it even though I have, um, outgrown my entire wardrobe.

  2. I haven’t worn a slip in forever! I love them though, so ladylike!

    Also you look great! Is that a wrap dress? I’m a sucker for wrap dresses!

  3. You are so right about undergarments mattering! Not all designs that we love look so hot without the important undergarments :)

  4. I am really awful about wearing the right undergarments (but have never worn spanx, so that’s something I guess!). Perhaps when I’m not nursing anymore, I can do a little research about this all important “full slip” of which you speak :)

  5. Spanx for-evah!!!!
    After six kids in 10 years, no one will ever convince me that my spanx are not my best friends.
    But I also dig the full slip.

  6. I think I’m one of the only women I know under say 40 or 45 who wears slips. Usually only when the dress is somewhat see-through but need to start wearing them more (and getting better ones because mine are my moms from 20 years ago.

    And hey, I thought you weren’t wearing dresses to Mass anymore?

    • Rae

      Good catch! ;-) This one is actually a little bit longer in the back, plus I was wearing solid tights, plus I wanted to see if I could fit in it.

  7. I do fall in the 40-something category..ahem…BUT, I agree, a full slip is pretty standard and definitely makes me feel more put together and less worried about people seeing a little more of me than I might prefer….

  8. I am all about the slip. I have half-slips, but no full-slips. I do agree with you on the Spanx though. On the rare moments that I have worn them, I have been nothing but uncomfortable all night. And then I hear there are some women who wear 2 pair at a time!

  9. Yes, full slips are fantastic! I found mine at H&M for about $15. They are much more useful than half-slips, of which I own too many but never wear them.

  10. Yes! I’ve been on the lookout for a slip lately! For some reason, this year my dresses have been clinging to my tights way worse than in the past! My only in-praise-of-the-slip moment before now was a few summers ago, when, on a retreat at a Benedictine monastery, my friend told me my dress was see-through in the sunlight (it was navy blue–can you believe it?). She gave me hers in the bathroom of a coffee shop =) So glad you found my blog so I could find yours, Rae!

    • Jessica

      I also experienced a slip-less moment just as I was leaving home my friend informed me that the dress was transparent in the sun light.. I felt so embarrassed but thankful that I was still at my font door. I returned to my room and put on a full slip and felt more relaxed as I do not enjoy showing my whole body outline in a sunlight.

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