The Bishop Hat

What you see here, my friends, is a bishop. A bishop wearing a hat. Actually, I’m about 95% certain that he is a certain Archbishop, but I’d like to leave that to you to guess anyway.

You also see the seminarians wearing hats appropriate to their role (I know this is quite a controversial view, but I personally do not believe that seminarians must always be required to wear birettas on cold winter days ;-)).

I believe that this bishop’s hat needs an official designation as a bishops’ hat, to be worn during specific liturgical functions (namely during works of mercy performed in the winter).

For some reason bishops love these hats, and it thus I was forced to do a double take during the March for Life whenever I saw said hat. It was incredibly confusing, not to mention disappointing, when a longer glance revealed that it was an impostor rather than a bishop!

In order to reduce such problems we need the Vatican to step in here. We may not be able to prevent everyone else from wearing them, but at least the March for Life will be one place where one can know that any man wearing such a hat is certainly a bishop.

There is a time and a place for everything, and sometimes a mitre or zucchetto just won’t cut it.


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  1. Actually to make you laugh, I know a few many Dominican Friars who wear that same hat. Then again one of the Friars who I know well has a hat and makes him look like the “Indiana Jones of the Dominican Order”.

  2. nayhee

    haha. i love that link you provided as evidence!

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