Faithful Citizenship and Catholic Guilt

I’m not a fan of religious movements that try to make the work of God into a series of now-or-never GOD IS CALLING YOU TODAY, AND IF YOU DON’T RESPOND YOU WILL LOSE GOD!!! moments. But sometimes in life you know that if you don’t do something now it probably won’t happen. Since voter registration is almost over for the November election I decided the night before last that it was now-or-never to “help” Josh fill out his registration form.

He was exhausted. He was sick. It wasn’t going to happen.

But if it did not happen NOW it would never happen. So there was only one thing to be done.

I walked over to Josh with the form and a pen and said: you don’t have to vote, but I am quite confident that the bishops want you to be registered, so you should at least have a very good reason to disagree with them.

He filled out the form.

. . .

I have a lot of research to do before the election. I don’t plan to vote in the presidential election and there is one ballot question that is very clear to me, but for the rest I am an uninformed mess.

Of course I do not really believe that my individual vote (or lack thereof) makes a difference, but there is the whole collective responsibility thing. So I will do whatever it is I end up thinking would be best for everyone to do.

Which, ironically enough, ends up sounding a whole lot more like Kant than Christ.

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