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Catholic Voting: Reality Check

If you are entirely comfortable with your choice today in the presidential election, then you are different from me. Possibly: You are far smarter and more politically savvy You have access to different information You know less about Church teaching … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Universal Cafeteria

All Catholics are cafeteria Catholics. This is a sad truth, and it is also okay. All Catholics are cafeteria Catholics because all Catholics are sinners. Not one of us can stand as a bastion of perfection in the light of … Continue reading

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Wedding Music Drama

Kathleen Basi’s post Confessions of a Wedding Singer reminded me of the typical Catholic quarrels over the music for our wedding. I have heard many a priest moan about weddings and how they dread to see a bride-to-be darken their … Continue reading

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Another take on family planning

I was shocked to read John Zmirak’s explanation for why we should not question the use of NFP among the financially prosperous. Let’s look at the duty of almsgiving to the poor–something Our Lord talked about more than almost anything else … Continue reading

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